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Decibel Cannabis DBCCF stock Is Undervalued

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A follower of mine left a comment on one of my videos saying that Decibel Cannabis DBCCF was lighting up the board with increasing numbers and that I needed to look at this marijuana company. Also, I am always on the lookout for the best marijuana stocks to buy.  So, a cursory look showed that there was something very interesting going on there. As it is, Decibel Cannabis DBCCF stock is in fact lighting up the board.  Metrics for this marijuana stock are up there with some of my Top Picks.  Let us break down the numbers to show how this marijuana stock should be priced.

A few things from Decibel Cannabis' latest financial statements.  First, they used to be called Westleaf.  I had looked at Westleaf and they had been included in some of my Top 10 videos within the listings a while back.  However, I had never done a thorough analysis on Decibel Cannabis, or what was once called Westleaf.


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