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Decibel News 1/17/22

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Decibel Announces Another Month of Record Market Share in December
8:00 AM ET 1/17/22 | Dow Jones

CALGARY, AB, Jan. 17, 2022 /CNW/ - Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. (the "Company" or "Decibel") (TSXV: DB) (OTCQB: DBCCF), a premium cannabis producer, is pleased to provide an update on its recent Canadian recreational market share.

"With our debt refinancing now in place, we remain on the offense, growing revenue and closing 2021 with record market share driven through our core focus to elevate our consumer experience through quality combined with new, unique and innovative products" said Paul Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Decibel. "With a strong foundation established through efforts in 2021, and impactful 2022 catalysts, we are well positioned to continue our strong revenue and market share growth."

                   Jan. 2021  Nov. 2021  Dec. 2021 
Canada(1)               2.6%       3.3%       3.4% 
Major Markets(1)        3.3%       4.0%       4.2% 
Ontario(1)              1.1%       3.1%       3.1% 

Market Share in Decibel's Major Markets(1)

   -- Record 4.2% recreational market share in December from 3.3% at the start 
      of 2021 
   -- #1 brand in premium flower sales with a 10.3% market share2 
   -- #2 brand in concentrate sales with a 10.1% market share 
   -- #2 brand in vape sales with a 13.1% market share 

National Market Share(1)

   -- The Canadian recreational market has grown from approximately $279 
      million to $370 million from January to December 20211 
   -- Decibel's market share has grown from 2.6% to 3.4% over the same period 
   -- #3 brand in premium flower sales with an 8.6% market share2 
   -- #2 brand in concentrate sales with an 8.1% market share 
   -- #2 brand in vape sales with a 12.9% market share 

Ontario Market Share(1)

   -- Tripled market share from January to December 2021 with a record 3.1% in 
   -- #2 brand in premium flower sales with a 9.0% market share2 
   -- #5 brand in concentrate sales with a 5.8% market share 
   -- #2 brand in vape sales with a 10.8% market share 

Link to Decibel's Investor Presentation

(1) HiFyre Retail Analytics, Licensed Producer Sales over Time Nationally and 
in BC, AB, SK, ON, January 1 -- December 31, 2021. Major Markets include BC, 
AB, SK, ON. 
(2) HiFyre Retail Analytics, Premium flower market defined as flower products 
sold more than 20% above average selling price per gram in 7g or under size 

About Decibel

Decibel is uncompromising in the process and craftsmanship needed to deliver the highest quality cannabis products and retail experiences. Decibel has three operating production houses along with its wholly owned retail business, Prairie Records. The Qwest Estate in Creston, BC is a licensed and operating 26,000 square foot cultivation space which produces the widely championed, rare cultivar-focused brands Qwest and Qwest Reserve, which are sold in six provinces across Canada. Thunderchild Cultivation, is a licensed and operating 80,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility in Battleford, SK. The Plant, Decibel's extraction facility, in Calgary, AB has 15,000 square feet of Health Canada licensed extraction and product development space. This production house will fuel the growth of our brands Qwest, Qwest Reserve, Blendcraft, and General Admission, into new and innovative product formats like concentrates, vapes, edibles and beyond.

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These guys look set to print some profits.  Looking forward to the results of this year.  I believe we are going to see a really big year.  These guys will add to that.


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