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Is Decibel an international cannabis value stock?

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Decibel Cannabis Gets International Export Certification

8:13 am ET June 29, 2022 (Dow Jones) Print

By Adriano Marchese



Decibel Cannabis Co. said Wednesday that it has received certification to export its cannabis products internationally, allowing it to tap into new markets abroad.


The Canadian cannabis products company said it received the Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard Equivalency IMC-G.A.P. certification which allows new sales channels in Israel.


The nature of the license will require Decibel to demonstrate continued compliance with the international regulations to maintain its certification, it said.


Decibel said that its initial international export is expected to happen in the second half of this year.


"The opportunity allows the Company to provide its high-quality craft cannabis products internationally, while also setting the stage for the Decibel brands to develop international recognition and additional consumer exposure," Chief Executive Officer Paul Wilson said.

paul laeser
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Getting into Isreal probably increases the likelihood of Decimal being taken over. Curaleaf is already there I believe but it's a medical cannabis market and a great way for a company like Trulieve to get into Canada and Isreal.


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