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Lots of legal insider buying of Cannabis shares

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I was trying to decide between adding to my position in dbccf or lovff, and I took a peek at the recent legal insider activity of Decibel, and noticed quite a bit of buying. So I ended up buying some DBCCF today. I have been adding to LOVFF recently as well.

Recent Insider Transactions

OTCPK:DBCC.F Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
Date Value Name Entity Role Shares Max Price
23 Jan 22 BuyUS$38,662 Cody Church Individual   350,000 US$0.11
23 Jan 22 BuyUS$74,511 Michael Kelly Individual   673,214 US$0.11
19 Dec 21 BuyUS$3,649 Cody Church Individual   31,500 US$0.12
06 Oct 21 BuyUS$82,249 Cody Church Individual   515,950 US$0.16
04 Oct 21 BuyUS$11,529 Derek Sider Individual   70,900 US$0.17
03 Oct 21 BuyUS$8,710 Kris Newell Individual   53,250 US$0.17
29 Sep 21 BuyUS$78,141 Paul Wilson Individual   475,000 US$0.16
28 Sep 21 BuyUS$16,088 Stuart Boucher Individual   100,000 US$0.16
15 Sep 21 BuyUS$19,426 Kris Newell Individual   85,000 US$0.23
15 Sep 21 BuyUS$11,427 Adam Coates Individual   50,000 US$0.23
15 Sep 21 BuyUS$29,711 Stuart Boucher Individual   130,000 US$0.23
15 Sep 21 BuyUS$78,848 Paul Wilson Individual   345,000 US$0.23
01 Jun 21 BuyUS$12,197 Adam Coates Individual   50,000 US$0.24
31 May 21 BuyUS$8,152 Kris Newell Individual   35,000 US$0.23
31 May 21 BuyUS$16,711 Stuart Boucher Individual   70,000 US$0.24
15 Apr 21 BuyUS$54,321 Cody Church Individual   362,600 US$0.15

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This is telling of what management is seeing in its own future for Decibel DBCCF stock.  They are a top pick for a reason, I believe this stock will accelerate in the coming months & years.


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there is no doubt how you researched hard to get these points, really appreciate the efforts you have put in!

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