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The Next Move in the S&P500

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Looking at what has happened since the Friday's non-farm payrolls, this really took the starch out of the market as the broader S&P500 is now down 100 from the recent highs posted just after the Fed meeting, but before the non-farm payrolls report:

The real catalyst for the move lower in stocks is the move higher in the 2-year interest rate yield:

Stocks cannot move higher in perpetuity with interest rates moving in the same direction.  

I'm looking at options on the S&P500 for about 2-days out, about 4115.00, or thereabouts.  Philosophically, I am more prone to buying on the dips.  This is a dip.  I'm not 100% sold on the idea that this dip is entirely done and for now have held off on buying in to this.  


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