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IS FLOOF a Good Buy

Jeff Spahn
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They seem that they might be a VALUE know if does anyone has any insight on this Nevada company their down to .035 a share 

Or are they a takeover candidate OR ?

I own some anyone one else?

D. H. Taylor
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Hi Jeff... thanks for posting this.  A couple things: I have wanted to dive in on these guys.  They were net earnings positive for the latest quarter, but EBITDA profitable. Without looking too deeply, that math tells me the net earings was a one-off.  They had a drop in revenue and I NEVER like to see those things.  

Over the course of the next few weeks, going throughout spring, I am working on doing really intensive analysis on all of these other stocks I have yet to cover.  And, I'm also adding in many new stock projections to the website on all of the top cannabis stocks and am working on that daily (Starting today, actually).  So, the eventuality is that I will cover these guys and likely do so prior to Q4.  

In the meantime, two things: OMICRON is killing everything today.  Simultaneously, there was very good news that Congress is taking up federal legalization and I think this is the real deal. They will be doing so just prior to the upcoming election and will be able to turn to voters with something of a bit of success.  Overall, this will push stocks up significantly (Think similarly to what happened in February):

Jeff Spahn
 Jeff Spahn
(@Jeff Spahn)
Joined: 2 months ago
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Thanks so much for the work you do and the fast responses 

I think with the large Nevada production and the Nevada shut down might to have had something to do with their income loss?

Thank you and the very Best to you and yours for the Holidays and New Year !


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