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General Cannabis CANN Stock And When To Buy

D. H. Taylor
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General Cannabis CANN Stock will be a great stock sometime.  For those of you who have been following me for a moment, you will know that I got back into the swing of cannabis in late summer just last year.  I originally started covering cannabis stocks in late 2018 when cannabis was very young and just starting out up in Canada.  I am a San Franciscan and had seen the change in attitudes towards cannabis.  Personally, I do not consume the products; this, despite my birthday being 4/20.  Unfortunately, in early 2019 while traveling through South And Central America I contracted a virus that took me down for some 15 months.  I am a master coffee roaster and trod through these regions in search of unique and interesting coffees that I have partnered up with a roaster here in California to produce for me (You can try my coffees if you like).  When I got back to investing and analyzing, one of the very first stocks I looked at was General Cannabis.  I analyzed them back in November of last year.  I thought it was time to look at them again.


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