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Interstate Commerce

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I have mentioned many, many times that denying companies the ability to cross state lines is unconstitutional.  And, it is a matter of time when all of these companies are allowed the ability to ship product across state lines.  This would mean entering a new state does not force a company to build up a new infrastructure system.  That will save companies tremendously.

California looks set to basically look at it as a done deal and move forward with allowing companies to make moves:

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Totally agree DH. I am sure that will be a welcome change. On another note, I am not so sure how sold I am on medical cannabis legalisation being compared to full on legalization. Does medical legalisation go hand in hand with re scheduling? Does it allow uplisting...can a company like High tide enter the US space upon just that? Trying to wrap my head around this. Biden admin said yesterday they are leaving cannabis up to congress and that Biden has no immediate plans for anything. That is pretty bearish to me...but what do I know. Should some of this happen by say...summer....what kind of valuations can we realistically expect? Could we be looking at 10x stock prices from here? More...less? I know you dont have a crystal ball I am just looking for some of your wonderful insights. To me, some of these previous ATH are not to far off but I could be wrong. I know this is kind of a multi bag of questions....I appreciate it thank you.



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