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Goodness Growth GDNSF stock with big upside potential

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D. H. Taylor
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Goodness Growth GDNSF stock, formerly Vireo Health VREOF stock, is growing and the metrics are starting to add up and this may be a solid cannabis investment.  Still, there is some ways to go.  Goodness Health is both a medical-use and adult-use marijuana stock.  The original focus, and still the primary focus, is medical-use cannabis, but offerings of adult-use cannabis are starting to show up in dispensaries.  They are in five states and will continue to expand from there.

When I first looked at Vireo VREOF back in November of last year they appeared on the cusp of profitability.  They are edging closer and have since consolidated shares and increased revenues; they have also divested operations in Pennsylvania.  Goodness Growth GDNSF stock also sold off its Pennsylvania assets to focus on more profitable core ventures.  Despite the increased revenues, the pace of growth is slow when compared to other marijuana stocks simply because growth rates for medical cannabis tend to be lower slower than adult-use cannabis.  I expect that to round out as offerings change and I do not dissuade someone from considering Goodness Growth a good cannabis investment.

Arizona is a big potential for Goodness Growth GDNSF stock since the state has flipped to recreational, adult-use cannabis.  Sales numbers we are seeing out of Arizona are larger than expected and players in that state may actually do better than anticipated.

New York may be an interesting state moving forward that recently flipped to adult-use and where Goodness Growth already has dispensaries and grow facilities.  Being one of the largest populous states in the Union, there is potential for significant growth there, as well. However, don't expect to start seeing growth and revenue out of New York for about 12 months as a state that figured out how to be ultra-conservative in rolling out a liberating law did just that.  Still, this could be a decent play.  And, as Goodness Growth focuses on Arizona and other states the eventuality is that there will be a roll-out of cannabis products in New York that will amplify revenues down the road.

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