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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock Moves to $60 And I Show Why

D. H. Taylor
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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock is one of the marquee cannabis stocks. At some $6B, they are one of the largest with revenues in the hundreds of millions per quarter. While Green Thumb Industries continues to build up its footprint at a solid pace, certain margins are slightly behind. But, by no means is this a slight. Management will certainly get the company there. In fact, for those that are savvy to understand how margins work then, you may also be able to see increased potential in earnings from current revenue.

But, current revenue is going to continue to grow as Green Thumb continues to expand its footprint. And, if margins continually advance simultaneously, this becomes a powerful engine for profit growth. With that, Green Thumb Industries GTBIF stock will continue to advance.

I will speak about margins in the various sections.

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