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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock - Undervalued Marijuana Stock

D. H. Taylor
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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock is a significantly undervalued marijuana stock and I'm going to show you why this stock should be double its current price... and then go higher from there.  But, when you compare how the S&P 500 values stocks and you apply the very same measuring stick to marijuana stocks, Mr. Market is significantly undervaluing marijuana stocks.  Green Thumb Industries would be an undervalued marijuana stock - I have yet to add them to the Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy Now but, it's a possibility.  Green Thumb Industries is also one of the most competitive and profitable cannabis stocks on the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies.

First, looking backwards, I am applying the latest numbers to what GTBIF stock price should have been given net earnings.  But, these net earnings are only what was printed as net earnings.  Green Thumb Industries also pushed forward with CapEx which dipped into net earnings.  So, my look backwards is muted from actual potential.

Then, I am looking forward into the next four quarters and applying the same patterns to GTBIF stock from the past four quarters to the next four quarters.  After this, you will be able to see how GTBIF stock is undervalued.

Then, there are even more acquisitions.  This means that for the most part, what I am projecting is probably low.

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