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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF stock with 50% Upside Potential

D. H. Taylor
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Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock just reported earnings and the numbers beat on revenue and earnings.  I wanted to break down the financials and see how the numbers added up and where the potential stock price will be.  In short, there is upside potential.  But, from a conservative standpoint, GTBIF stock may be about where it needs to be.

I am going to present the conservative argument for an upside increase in stock price.  Truth is, I believe there can be a lot more.  Green Thumb, a significantly undervalued marijuana stock, is just entering into certain markets and will likely expand in these markets, such as the new store in Pasadena, CA.  These initial footprints are the starting point of a large increase in revenue growth.  Now that they are printing consecutive GAAP profitability quarters, I think the stock could move up significantly.

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