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Green Thumb Q1 2022 numbers are out

Ricky Perkins
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Revenue is flat q-q but up from 2021.  ADJ EBITDA dropped from 37% of revenue to 28% of revenue.  The decrease in ADJ EBITDA is partially from "additional talent throughout the organization". Is that a raise?  The stock is down 60% in one year.  The stock price is getting hammered right now.  Good luck. 

Gregory Wehrly
 Gregory Wehrly
(@Gregory Wehrly)
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I've been shopping undervalued premium cannabis companies this past week to both average down and possibly create new positions. In doing so, GTBIF is on my radar at sub $12. What's holding me a back a bit is their 1-year target estimate. For example, Yahoo reports a target estimate for GTBIF at $25.64. Trulieve at a similar SP (~$13) has a target estimate of $56.20.  That's a substantial difference!!!!

Question: Outside of calculating a multiple of the price-to-earnings ratio, how much weight should the average investor place on analyst 1 year target estimates given these estimates are based on backwards looking numbers?


D. H. Taylor
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@Gregory Wehrly

My thinking has been that it is up-listing to Nasdaq that is really going to perpetuate these cannabis stocks upward toward their true intrinsic value.  Right now, everyone is tapping out.  This is pushing stocks down lower and lower.  And, that is perpetuating the move lower as more and more tap out.  Then, when we get legalization what is the likely move to happen then?  Everything will go back up... but, then fall right back down again.  It is the moves to Nasdaq that will draw bigger investors into the segment.  

Given that, these price projections are quite legit.  But, they cannot be realized because sufficient players are not able to acquire enough of these stocks since they are still OTC.  It is a popularity game.  You are getting in at the very lows.  But, you may also need to sit on these shares for a minute until the process works its way through and these guys get to Nasdaq.  


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