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Halo Collective HCANF Stock - Do or Die? What is the potential?

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Halo Collective HCANF stock is easily the one stock that I get asked the most questions about.  In fact, the number of inquiries about this particular stock far outpaces any other stock inquiry.  Truthfully, of there 350 different cannabis companies that I look at, including the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies, Halo is nothing extraordinary.  What is really happening is that a lot of people have gotten caught up in the hype of this stock.  But, again, there is nothing extraordinary about this particular company that would merit that kind of attention.

Owed to the hype, and the fact that so many individuals have gotten caught up in this company, a lot of people are experiencing a tremendous amount of anxiety over this because they may have invested in this stock at levels far higher than where the stock is today.  I am getting all kinds of questions as to where I believe the stock will be in just a short period of time such as: Do I think Halo Collective Stock HCANF will be at $0.10 by the end of August?

For now, Halo Collective is one of many cannabis companies that are just about to break even with EBITDA profitability.  This is one of the main milestones that need to be achieved.  I keep my analysis fairly simple at some level because these cannabis companies are still moving forward.  Only after some time and more sophistication would it be necessary to start looking more deeply into the numbers and ratio comparisons.


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