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Halo Collective HCANF stock Has The Potential to Surprise to the Upside

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Halo Collective HCANF stock is due to announce its financials on March 31st.  I looked at Halo Collective stock HCANF a couple of times in the past, but usually, that was from the perspective of post-earnings.  This time, I wanted to get in front of the earnings release because I believe there may be an opportunity present for a long-term investment.

I am going to break down the previous earnings release and I am then going to project a bit into the future.  I want to show what Halo could be earning this upcoming earnings release and how that might affect the stock price.  That is the opportunity.

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I'm spending more time on this website after DH left Seeking Alpha where I follow him. $HCANF is gold man. I turned it into my biggest cannabis holding so far, becasue the company is massively undervalued, about to become profitable and has massive growth potential in the pipeline on top of that, while the stock is basically selling for around book value. I may just retire early in a couple of years thanks to DH and the management at Halo. Keep doing what you do...


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