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Red Light Oregon Inc. Joint Venture between Halo & Red Light Holland

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Red Light Oregon Inc. Is a joint venture between Halo Collective and Red Light Holland.
Red Light Oregon Inc is trying to get into Oregon medical psychedelics market.

Bruce Linton is a senior advisor for Red Light Holland. I think advisory board, not sure what its officially called.
Bruce Linton is co-founder of Canopy growth, current top shareholder of goodness growth, last I checked, and former board member for Mind Medicine.
I highly doubt Bruce Linton would risk his reputation by advising a company that has a joint venture with Halo, if any of the crap on yahoo message board and other social media outlets, are true about Halo.

The Red Light Oregon deal could be huge some day IMHO!

If they get rolling with medical psychedelics in Oregon, they might be the first in the US to do it. 

Various cities have decriminalized psychedelics, and if Red Light Oregon gets going, I can see it going to cities where its legal,and other States if they legalize psychedelics.

Cannabis sector is what D.H says it is.

I think the psychedelic medicine sector will be much larger than cannabis medicine.

Many Experts in Cannabis companies feel that way too.

I watched a video interview on red Light Holland with Bruce Linton. I recommend it.

I follow Red Light Holland, and I have gone back and forth about whether I wanted to own shares of it. I didnt like the recreational use of psychedelics, but I like the medicine use deal with red Light Holland, and responsible use strategy and micro dosing kits RLH has in the Netherlands.

If you watch Bruce Linton's video on red Light Holland, it makes sense out of the joint venture with Halo. JMHO. I don't know how many video interviews he has done with Red Light Holland.

I currently own shares of Halo and red Light Holland.

I think Halo is  solid long term value investment, and I get that from D.H's analysis and updates. I think red Light holland is a speculative investment.

I may end up buying more halo of the falling knife continues.

I also currently own shares of everyone of D.H's top picks and several companies he's covering.


D. H. Taylor
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Hey @cannabis-investing This could be a nice turn if Oregon were to allow for psyches to be legally sold.  Likely, the first step would be the decriminalization in the cities, then a ballot measure at some point state-wide.  This would tip the scales across the country.  Cannabis companies already involved in sales of these kinds of products would then be able to offer more products to more people.  

Nice extension of products.  

I know this is something you have been pushing for but, for me, I already have 100 companies to follow.  If companies add in more products, it’s just an extension of existing business.  I’ll have a tough time adding more companies to follow.  

But, you will still tell me about them… hahaha!


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