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High Tide HITI Stock Increases Revenues With Big Upside Potential

D. H. Taylor
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High Tide HITI stock is positioned to move upwards should any of the cannabis stocks actually start moving.  Recent financial data for High Tide shows expanding revenue from a cannabis company that is growing significantly and becoming one the best marijuana stocks to buy.  Earlier guidance had High Tide revenue coming in at approximately $110M USD.  That number appears that it will be easily blown out; I am expecting High Tide HITI stock to print about $120M - $125M revenue for the year.  Further, should new acquisitions close in a timely manner for High Tide HITI stock, very likely, there will be an additional $25M added to the annual revenue.  From a revenue perspective, there is a lot to cheer about.

From a margins perspective, numbers are still not entirely where they could be but, you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet. Given that, I see this as an opportunity.  Surely High Tide will be able to achieve higher levels on their margins.  Should they, there is a significant amount of upside potential.

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