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Hollister Biosciences HSTRF Stock Below market with 10x upside potential

D. H. Taylor
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Hollister Biosciences HSTRF stock is a stock that could easily be in my Top Picks of Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now. This is a stock that could easily be much higher in price. But, this is just the beginning. I got a question posed to me in the newly launched forum regarding the fact that Hollister Biosciences is in the process of insourcing all of its production. By doing this, Hollister Biosciences has the potential to increase its gross margins since they will not be producing its own products. This will be far more cost-effective and profitable.

Already, Hollister Biosciences holds the distinction of being the most efficient of all of the cannabis stocks I monitor from an operating cost perspective with 8.1%. The very best companies usually print at roughly 30% - 35%. Being in the single digits is beyond remarkable with this metric and, Hollister Biosciences has been in this neighborhood for several quarters.

A subscriber to this sight, William, asked if there would be any changes to this specific metric should Hollister Biosciences start insourcing production. The short answer to that is no. Production fo product usually falls in the gross revenue & profits section of the revenue statement, so therefore, operating costs would not necessarily decline.

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