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YourWay Licensing Agreement with Old Pal

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7:00 AM ET 1/11/22 | Dow Jones

Agreement establishes YourWay as the exclusive Old Pal cannabis licensee in Arizona

A best-selling, national brand bolsters YourWay's partner portfolio,

positioning YourWay as a leading consumer-centric cannabis company in Arizona

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - YourWay Cannabis Brands Inc. (CSE: YOUR) (OTC: YOURF) (FSE: HOB) (the "Company" or "YourWay") today announced it has entered into an exclusive multi-year licensing agreement (the "Agreement") with the cannabis lifestyle company Old Pal for an exclusive right and license to manufacture, produce, promote, distribute, and sell certain Old Pal-branded cannabis products in Arizona, including whole flower, pre-ground flower, pre-rolls, and distillate cartridges in association with the Old Pal brand.

The Agreement represents an opportunity for continued growth and helps position YourWay as a leading consumer-centric cannabis company in Arizona.

"We are thrilled to announce a brand partnership with Old Pal, a company that shares our consumer-centric approach, and to bring one of the strongest national brands to Arizona," said Jake Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of YourWay Cannabis Brands. "Today's announcement showcases our commitment to developing a comprehensive portfolio of brands and delivering against our three-pronged 'House of Brands' strategy of owned, partner and white label brands, creating sustainable long-term growth and shareholder value."

Old Pal was launched in June 2018 with the promise of spreading the vision of a lifestyle brand centered around shareable, communal cannabis experiences. As of December 2021, BDSA ranked Old Pal-branded cannabis products as the third overall cannabis brand in their current roster of states. Old Pal is currently available in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio. With a continued focus on expansion, Old Pal is slated to launch its cannabis products in two additional states within the first half of 2022.

"We've been impressed with YourWay Cannabis Brands' commitment to excellence and dedication to building strong brands in the industry. Given our shared values, the decision to team with YourWay to bring Old Pal to Arizona was an easy one," said Rusty Wilenkin, Co-founder and CEO of Old Pal. "Arizona is a strong market in the industry and we're excited for Arizonians to try the Old Pal shareable experience."

The initial term of the Agreement is three years, with the potential for additional and successive one-year extension periods. The Company expects to launch Old Pal-branded cannabis products at licensed retailers across Arizona in the first quarter of 2022.

About YourWay Cannabis Brands

YourWay Cannabis Brands is a publicly traded multi-state operator with sales and operations in Arizona and California. Through building their own brands, partnering with others, and providing white-labelled product, they are dedicated to expanding their reach; remolding the cannabis industry and ultimately, redefining the way consumers and cannabis brands interact.

YourWay aims to connect with the cannabis consumer on a deeper level, utilizing decades of brand-building expertise and an integral understanding of the customer experience to create an intuitive suite of branded products that closely aligns with consumer need states. The YourWay portfolio is an all-encompassing house of brands designed to create a sense of belonging for every cannabis consumer regardless of their relationship with the plant. Please visit for the latest news and information about YourWay and its brands.


About Old Pal

Old Pal is a leading multi-state cannabis lifestyle company focused on providing value to consumers by offering quality products and trusted consistency. Through Old Pal's strategic relationships within the industry, the brand has secured high quality, dependable production and distribution. With the incorporation of culture-focused design and marketing, Old Pal has defined a much-needed space within the industry; a space curating an accessible lifestyle beyond stoner culture.


Ricky Perkins
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This is good news. Thank you for pointing it out.

I have been loading up at 13 cents and almost got some shares at 12 cents today.  This is crazy!  Three profitable quarters in a row and the winter months are here with all the AZ tourists driving the revenues right now just like last year.

The P/E ratio which I guess no one talks about anymore was 10 on 12/31/2021 when the price was $0.135, and the trailing twelve-month earnings were $0.0132 per share. At a share price of 12 cents the P/E is 9.  The Q3 21 growth y-y was 53% and this company is getting most of its revenue from AZ which is in a high growth phase and has limited licenses.

Wow.  So many bargains.  I need more money to invest lol.

D. H. Taylor
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@gr8day4alemonadegmail-com @gtosali1967

It's crazy where these stocks are.  I get that it is uncomfortable for some investors sitting on these stocks that continually slide lower and lower.  It's nonsensical.  But, and Ricky, you are certainly taking the correct approach, one day these stocks are going to be valued far more appreciatively.  Those of you getting in now are going to be giggling while other investors sprint chasing after these opportunities.  


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