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Buy IM Cannabis IMCC Stock For Germany Cannabis Legalization

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Germany has legalized cannabis. Sort of... it's more of a promise at this point, but the plan is already being considered. Germany has 84M people; Germany just became the world’s largest cannabis market.  This is big news for IM Cannabis Company IMCC stock as they are an international company poised for significant growth in Germany with the recent cannabis legalization.  IM Cannabis Company is still in its growing stage; they are in Germany, Israel, and Canada.  Financial numbers are not stellar at this point for IM Cannabis Company but that has more to do with the fact that they have been merging several companies recently.  There was solid revenue growth for the latest Q3 quarter.  But, other metrics are still lagging; IM Cannabis will need to significantly increase its revenue base in order to see improved costs and margins.

Still, despite the lack of revenue at this time, the fact that Germany has legalized cannabis is huge.  With Germany legalizing cannabis, it may very well be that other countries in the EU could do the same enabling the bigger US MSOs the opportunity to expand into the second biggest economy in the world.

Keep in mind how important Germany is: California has only 39M people in the state.  Germany easily eclipses California as the biggest sovereignty in the world.  Any US MSO wanting to be a world dominant player will be gearing up to get in to Germany.  It may very well be that IMCC gets acquired simply because this would be an easy route into this country, and simultaneously give the acquiring company access to Israel and Canada.


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