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Imcc growth

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paul laeser
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On Imcc's website they say that part of their Canadian growth strategy is entry into the Quebec market in Q3 2022. It seems to me that their Canadian cultivation capabilities of 7000 kg is relatively low.Cannara biotech would appear on the surface to be a perfect merger or acquisition target for Imcc in that they are in Quebec, quite successful and have production capacity of 125,000 kgs annually.Do you have an opinion on that.



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D. H. Taylor
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Being Canadian, you know all too well what’s going on in Quebec.  They require all cannabis sold in Quebec be made in Quebec.  That being said, Cannara would be a solid pic for any company, not necessarily IMCC.  Thing is, there are a slew of US MSOs that want to be the world’s most dominant.  So, look for companies that are cash flow positive and not in Canada. That brings in several companies to mind.  However, solely grabbing a Quebec company may not be the highest priority for US companies, especially with Germany at this point.  That’s why I think IMCC would get picked up first, and the eventuality is that Cannara would get picked up.  

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