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Shorts Versus Longs. Fighting for control

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It looks like short sellers want to keep pushing IMCC down rather than cut their losses, but I could be wrong.

I get that from looking at intra day share price volatility swinging up and down. If you missed the chance when ti popped up, it popped back down under $4 as I type.

Historical Short Volume Data for IMCC
Date Close High Low Volume Short Volume % of Vol Shorted
Nov 30 NA NA NA 2,023,965 867,587 42.87
Nov 29 NA NA NA 1,358,696 837,824 61.66
Nov 26 NA NA NA 163,539 118,314 72.35
Nov 24 NA NA NA 426,004 323,805 76.01
Nov 23 NA NA NA 127,844 101,379 79.30
Nov 22 NA NA NA 135,547 62,677 46.24
Nov 19 NA NA NA 46,358 19,393 41.83
Nov 18 NA NA NA 50,534 19,400 38.39
Nov 17 NA NA NA 76,354 41,226 53.99
Nov 16 NA NA NA 95,137 56,393 59.28
Nov 15 NA NA NA 222,586 137,375 61.72
Nov 12 NA NA NA 467,028 303,737 65.04
Nov 11 NA NA NA 61,000 18,285 29.98
Nov 10 NA NA NA 76,278 33,926 44.48
Nov 09 NA NA NA 152,442 100,506 65.93
Nov 08 NA NA NA 310,328 110,226 35.52
Nov 05 NA NA NA 43,446 14,008 32.24
Nov 04 NA NA NA 58,711 16,054 27.34
Nov 03 NA NA NA 40,310 15,729 39.02
Nov 02 NA NA NA 43,418 15,618 35.97
Nov 01 NA NA NA 29,158 8,376 28.73

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Short sellers are risking losing everything by shorting any stock.

This is not investment advice.

Theoretically speaking, if the lowest price any share holder willing to sell  one share of IMCC was $999,999,999.99, that is how much each person who sold short a share would have to pay to cover that, for each share shorted.

That makes Russian Roulette look almost fun!

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all major Tier 1 MSOS are the heaviest shorted stocks on the CSE. Was the run back in Feb 2020 tied to a short squeeze? 


I'm thinking the ones shorting this stock could have more time to cover the position when word gets out that Safe Banking is on the horizon......but still raises the ultimate question....



THEY HAVE TO CLOSE THE SHORT POSITION RIGHT? The moment these things uplist Americans will redirect funds from Canadian companies to American.....and then you get trading opening up to Institutional and retail investors. 


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