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Top Pick MYM Nutraceuticals Gets Acquired by IM Cannabis IMCC Stock

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D. H. Taylor
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IMCC Stock is making a move. MYM Nutraceuticals MYMMF stock is one of my top picks... or, at least it was.  It was just acquired by IM Cannabis Corp IMCC.  There were a few things I liked about MYM and now that they are being consumed by IMCC stock it is now necessary to take a solid look at the metrics on IMCC.  While MYM is fairly new with reporting revenues, their financial metrics were absolutely solid coming right out of the gate.  But, what about IMCC stock?  They've hit my radar but I have yet to really dig into the financials and take a serious look at the company.

The terms of the deal were simple: Given a certain stock price for IMCC over a rolling average of days, MYM stock would be acquired and shareholders would be granted a number of shares of IMCC stock.

Matthew Norris
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Here's a snippet from their website.


IMC’s primary European center of operations is in Germany, the largest and most advanced legal Cannabis market outside of North America and Israel. The German-based IMC subsidiary, Adjupharm GmbH, is an EU-GMP certified medical cannabis and pharmaceutical distributor which acts as the Company’s European hub and a gateway for future continent expansion. With an on-the-ground presence in the German market, the Company’s branded medical cannabis products are already being distributed to pharmacies, prescribed by physicians, and used by patients across Germany, further establishing IMC as a global brand.

IMC’s European presence is also augmented through strategic alliances with EU-GMP certified suppliers and distributors across the continent. This network provides IMC with the additional breadth, depth and scalability required to expand in Germany and throughout Europe as more jurisdictions move toward cannabis market reforms.

--------Further, looks like they're planning on expanding into adult use with the following info from their site....


Future Growth

IMC plans to bring its premium products to medical patients and adult-use consumers around the world through continued expansion of its global presence.


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