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[Sticky] InterCure INCR Stock Forecast & Analysis

D. H. Taylor
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InterCure Ltd. INCR stock is one of the cannabis stocks I have my eye on and I wanted to get the INCR stock forecast out to you guys.  This is an Israeli-based medical cannabis company that is expanding into other areas such as Germany & the United Kingdom.  InterCure has increasing revenue, positive EBITDA, and near positive net earnings.  They have strategic partnerships with several other key cannabis companies such as Clever Leaves CLVR stock, Tilray TLRY stock, Organigram OGI stock, Cookies, and a few other cannabis companies.  I expect InterCure to continue to grow and increase its profits and, with Federal Legalization just around the corner, INCR stock will do well.

It is important to note that Israel is considering legalizing adult-use cannabis but, for now the medical only market is substantial.  Also, Israel happens to be a country where there is considerable research being done with cannabis.  Israel is very liberal in that regard and, adult-use legalization would mean significant market potential.

Also, Germany is expected to legalize adult-use cannabis shortly and with InterCure already establishing themselves in Germany, that footprint will be important.  Germany has a population of 84M.  This, in comparison to California and all of Canada, 39M & 35M respectively, outsizes these jurisdictions by more than double.

Given that, there is tremendous upside opportunity for InterCure.  And, already the numbers are impressive and continually increasing.

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