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Jushi Holdings JUSHF Stock - significant upside potential

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D. H. Taylor
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I have looked at Jushi Holdings JUSHF stock a couple of times.  In fact, Jushi is one of my top picks listed with the best marijuana stocks to buy now.  They are growing.  Fast.  They recently pseudo-reported their earnings (They are delayed).  Jushi Holdings pseudo-report showed the most recent revenues (Q4 2020) as well as this quarter's revenues (Q1 2021).  I was willing to wait until the final report to do an analysis.  However, Mr. Market was not.  JUSHF jumped up from about $5.50 to nearly $7.50 in a very short period of time.  This officially becomes a cannabis stock to watch if it is not already on your list.

I wanted to first break down the latest chart movements and some rationale as to what is going on.  Then, I wanted to show how Jushi Holdings is putting it together and will continue to increase revenues while EBITDA positive, they continue to improve.  The eventuality is that Jushi Holdings becomes net earnings positive, something that I can see occurring this year.


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