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Jushi Holdings JUSHF Stock will double with future guidance

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Jushi Holdings JUSHF Stock is one of my top picks and can be found on the Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now.  Jushi Holdings Stock JUSHF is a significantly undervalued marijuana stock.  Currently, Jushi has some 21 dispensaries in 7 states and is fully vertical in 3 of those states.  There will be more growth in revenue from both organic growth and new revenue generated out of new dispensaries.

Management has stepped back from current guidance but, they also issued guidance for next year that will double revenue.  Also, management narrowed the range for guidance that they believe Jushi Holdings will achieve over the next two quarters.  Given the future guidance, I wanted to break down how the company can achieve the metrics they are hoping to hit as well as calculate the potential stock price.  In the meantime, I'm not so certain about how Jushi Management can hit its goal of 15% EBTIDA for this year considering that there are only two quarters left.

But, Jushi also gave us forward guidance where they are set to earn a whopping 30% EBITDA profit on revenue.  That is double where they are now with EBITDA/Revenue percent.  This forward guidance gives a solid footing to determine what will happen with JUSHF stock.


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