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Columbia Facility

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January 31, 2022
Khiron Opens New Medical Cannabis
Clinic in Colombia
New 4,000 sq.ft. facility becomes 4
th medical cannabis clinic in Bogota
Khiron opens its 4th Zerenia-branded medical cannabis clinic in the city of Bogota
The new clinic, with a capacity of up to 40,000 consults per year could add20% to the
existing capacity in Colombia
Located in Plaza Central, one of Bogota's busiest shopping centers with more than
150,000 visitors per month
Adjacent to referral locations of 4 of the largest insurance companies in Colombia
Continues Khiron's unique patient acquisition strategy through its Zerenia™ clinic
network. In 2021, the Company sold more than 51,800 medical cannabis units in
Colombia, up more than 900% from 2020
TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2022 /CNW/ - Khiron Life Sciences Corp. ("Khiron" or the "Company")
(TSXV: KHRN)(OTCQX: KHRNF)(Frankfurt: A2JMZC), a vertically integrated cannabis
leader with core operations in Latin America and Europe, today announced the grand
opening of its new medium-sized medical cannabis clinic under its Zerenia™ brand, in the
city of Bogota in Colombia. The new clinic is strategically located in the heart of the 8 million
people city in one of its busiest shopping centers, next to 4 of Colombia's largest insurance
The new location, named Zerenia™ Americas, has an area of 4,000 sq.ft. It includes 11
consult rooms, with a maximum capacity of 40,000 annual consults, and will expand Khiron's
patient capacity to more than 20% in Colombia.
"We are very excited about this new Zerenia™ format and our ability to treat more patients
and create closer relationships with insurance companies in Colombia. Our Zerenia™ clinic
network now has more than 13 locations in Colombia, Peru, and the UK, and we will soon
open new locations worldwide. Our unique strategy has allowed us to grow medical
cannabis sales by more than 900% in Colombia in 2021, increasing patient conversion and
retention rates. The selection of this new location follows a deep desire to be closer to our
patients and offer insurance companies better access for their patients while maintaining the
service standards that are making Zerenia™ a leading global medical cannabis clinic
network.", commented Alvaro Torres, Khiron CEO, and Director. "Now that the Colombian
Government has mandated medical cannabis to be covered by all insurance companies, we
believe this new location strategy will continue to drive great growth and profitability for
Khiron, and will continue to allow us to improve the quality of life of more patients", added
Mr. Torres.
Khiron engages Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions, LLC to provide
Investor Relations Services
The Company is also pleased to announce that it has retained Arrowhead Business and
Investment Decisions, LLC ("Arrowhead") to provide investor relations services and develop
its international market awareness. Arrowhead will work closely with Khiron to develop and
deploy a comprehensive international investor marketing program, which will include the
publication of independent analysis, investor targeting, corporate disclosure distribution, nondeal roadshows, reporting and strategic advisory. Arrowhead is a leading US-based investor
relations firm which is headquartered in New York City and was established in 2008.
Arrowhead advises public companies on investor relations, financial communications, and
capital markets strategies. As a cross-border specialist, Arrowhead provides idea generation,
insight, and corporate access to an international network of institutional and private
investors. Through targeting, research and interactions, Arrowhead helps corporations and
investors to evaluate opportunities, connect, exchange information, and transact.
Arrowhead will provide services for an initial committed six-month term. Cash compensation
for the services will be USD$50,000. Arrowhead is not related to the Company and has no
interest, directly or indirectly, in the Company or its securities. The engagement of
Arrowhead remains subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.
About Khiron Life Sciences Corp.
Khiron is a leading vertically integrated international medical cannabis co



D. H. Taylor
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@gtosali1967 I hada very interesting Zoom call over the weekend.  These guys are really setting themselves up for success down there and likely to expand into new markets very soon.  With the expanding stores in Colombia, plus the almost-guaranteed cash flow, this will be a company that will grow.

I reiterate: They are likely to be acquired by a US MSO.  

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