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Khiron achieves United Kingdom Cannabis Sales Volume Growth of 240% in Q1 2022

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  • In Q1 2022, Khiron expects to surpass 1 million CAD in medical cannabis revenues in the United Kingdom ("UK") alone
  • Total untapped potential for cannabis patients in the UK exceeds 1M patients
  • Supported by its clinic in the UK opened in late 2021, Khiron has increased its sales volumes more than 240% in Q1 2022 compared to entire 2021
  • Khiron's growing portfolio in the UK includes KHIRON 20/1, one of the best-selling THC-predominant cannabis flower in the UK market

D. H. Taylor
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Considering the potential increase in revenue, this would dilute operating costs relative to revenue downward. Khiron printed about 157% operating efficiencies.  If they keep operating costs linear, and printed $5M revenue in the upcoming quarter, that brings operating efficiencies down to about 130%.  Keep pushing these increases and they could see significant gains in that category of margins.  

With some $6.5M in operating costs, Khiron would need to print about $17.5M quarterly to get to competitive levels comparable to other cannabis stocks.  But, ultimately, they are going to want to print about $35M with the $6.5M in operating costs.  Totally doable.  May take a minute for them to scale up to that level.  But, then it is pure profit.  


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