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Highest Monthly Revenue in January

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Company’s new Ooh La Lemin Sparkling Starts Production

its wholly owned subsidiary, Gold Leaf Distribution, has posted its highest revenue month in January, closing out with approximately $215,000 in revenue and gross margins of approximately 31%. Gold Leaf’s Melbourne, FL and Greer, SC locations both posted profits for the month of January. Gold Leaf’s Conway, SC location, which opened in October of last year, is expected to near profitability in the next several months as beverage season kicks in during the Spring and Summer months.

Gold Leaf Distribution recently received authorization to distribute to 52 Quik Trip (QT) locations in South Carolina, where it will be delivering a selection of products on a weekly basis to these stores starting in February...

Also will be launching a new line of beverages, Ooh La Lemin Sparkling Lemonade, with all six flavors going into production next week. The majority of the first production run of Ooh La Lemin Sparkling is already presold, going to distributors and retail chains. The Company has secured an additional, larger production run in March in order to stay lock stepped with demand for its new healthy line of beverages.


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