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I tried ooh la lemin blue rasberry, yummy

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I wanted to try the original lemonade flavor, but they sold out.
They just launched this Ooh La Lemin product line like maybe a couple weeks ago, and its selling out. Some flavors sold out.

I have the blue rasberry and I like it. Thats not the typical flavor I would go for,but its good. Its good, its light, its not sugary, overpowering, no after taste, I really do think its  a very good product.

I also re ordered the Kona Pink energy drink. I like that too. Its an energy drink and most have a strong flavor, and it has a good caffeine kick to it.

Those are two entirely different products.

I started buying kgkg shares at .017, and my cannabis " potfolio" has more red, it looks like a crime scene. I put up yellow crime scene  tape in my office, lol, kidding.

I am seeing specs of green sprouting up in my potfolio, but not this one yet.

I think the NO sugar, low calorie and light flavor of the OOH LA Lemin product line, will gain market share quickly that the sugary drinks have now.

If you go to a convenience store it looks like 90% sugar type drinks, and 10% low calorie, sugar free drinks.

I think that will flip around in the next few years, but of course, I could be wrong.

Health and wellness beverages are becoming a thing.



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