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Low Calorie low carb energy drink

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Better for you Lemonade, with zero added sugar, only 3 carbs, and low 15 calories.
Better for you Lemonade, with zero added sugar, only 3 carbs, and low 15 calories.
( I am piecing together info from news release and the new website)
Historical Short Volume Data for KGKG
Date Close High Low Volume Short Volume % of Vol Shorted
Nov 26 NA NA NA 1,011,502 506,370 50.06
Nov 24 NA NA NA 2,015,710 268,403 13.32

November 17, 2021
In this article:


Ooh La Lemin now available on Amazon

MELBOURNE, Fla., Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. (OTCQB: KGKG), a holding company focused on product development in the better-for-you and hemp and CBD functional beverage sector, is pleased to announce it has recently launched a new ecommerce website for its Ooh La Lemin Lemonade brand. Kona Gold Beverage acquired the Lemin Lemonade brand earlier this year and rebranded it to Ooh La Lemin, which has proven to be extremely successful for the brand, as sales have increased approximately 3-5 times in locations that carried the previous branded lemonades. Ooh La Lemin, which was previously only available in 24 pack cases online, is now available in 12 pack cases as well, for the first time.

Ooh La Lemin Lemonade is now available on one of the biggest ecommerce platforms for the first time, Kona Gold has been very successful with its Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks on the Amazon platform and anticipates Ooh La Lemin to follow suite. The Company is currently fulfilling Amazon orders from its own warehouses, but will be shipping product to Amazon in the coming weeks to convert orders to Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) service just as it does with it's Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks. Ooh La Lemin will also be available for purchase on in the coming weeks as well. The Company has already sold out of its original flavor, which is being produced this month to keep up with growing demand.

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Amazon is the king pin of energy drink distribution. Got in on CELH early.....and have followed that market ever since...crazy how much energy drink Amazon sells. 


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