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New West Virginia Distribution Partner

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Some unexpected news today distribution expands to another state.

Kona Gold has partnered with Wine & Beverage Merchants of West Virginia to distribute the Company’s Still and Sparkling Ooh La Lemin Lemonades across the great state of West Virginia. Wine & Beverage will be distributing Ooh La Lemin to Walmart and other popular chains in West Virginia, which is a new territory for Ooh La Lemin.

  1. Yes I own shares in KGKG. 

D. H. Taylor
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Hey Joe... I just looked at this chart again this morning.  I thought it would fall below $0.010 after its big run-up.  I was targeting picking up a ton if KGKG stock could have hit $0.0050 if possible.  But, maybe it is getting ahead of me.  And, with continued good news such as more distribution, that is only going to push the company further along. 


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