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Lowell Farms LOWLF Stock: Strong Buy for longterm investors

D. H. Taylor
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Lowell Farms LOWLF stock is selling off.  As it is one of my top picks I wanted to chime in on the latest financial release.  Revenues were off and margins dissipated along with that. The stock selling like it has is bringing in a lot of consternation and stress among investors. But, this is a Top Pick and I wanted to assure everyone that if you look at LOWLF stock from the right angle you see what you need to see and can be reassured.

As I have mentioned in the past few videos and emails, I am putting together Discounted Cash Flow statements on the various companies that I cover. With Lowell Farms, all one needs to do is look at the direction and results. From that, the shortfall in revenue dissipates as a concern.

Let's break down some key components of Lowell Farms so that an investor can see what I am looking at. At the bottom of this analysis, you can find my call on where I expect LOWLF stock to come in at.

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As i watched the stock drop a little again today, ugh, i went back and replayed the video,  such good information.  Hanging on to this stock.  Again,  Thanks for the work put into your videos.

Cannabis Investing
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I wish LOWLF would give some updates.

If LOWLF could do as well with investor relations as they do social media and their brands, I would feel a lot better about a long term investment in their company.

If they are licensing their products, which I think they are, it sure would be nice to see that in some news releases.

When I look up news on LOWLF on my TDA account, other companies pop up much of the time.

Maybe the silence is because something is happening, and they can't say anything.

I don't know.


Cannabis Investing
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LOWLF picked up a new Director with significant experience in M&A.



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