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Lowell Farms LOWLF Stock turns a profit with upside potential

D. H. Taylor
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Lowell Farms LOWLF stock is one of the best marijuana stocks to buy.  LOWLF stock is set to move upwards considerably.  If you compare the valuation for LOWLF stock to how companies are being valued on the broader market, LOWLF stock would be considerably higher.  Lowell Farms is increasing revenues as they ramp up production.  And, with the damage from the recent fired behind them, Lowell Farms can move forward and grow the company.

But, one of the things that is always most impressive to me is the social engagement.  Lowell Farms gets some 1M social impressions per week on Instagram with an account size of 178K.  Plus, there is an additional 3M YouTube impressions weekly and, if they get a 5% click-through rate they are looking at 150K views there on a weekly basis.

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Ricky Perkins
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Thank you for looking at and reporting on the companies you recommend right after earnings are reported!