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MariMed MRMD Stock Much Higher Than I Originally Thought

D. H. Taylor
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MariMed MRMD Stock is starting to take off.  MRMD Stock is pushing higher and higher and it could be that the price I had hoped to add in some more shares may be long gone.  However, in the meantime, management has called for some $100M in revenue for the year with $30M in EBTIDA profits.  And, this could push the stock upwards to $5.00, $7.50, or higher.  But, management is also consolidating core companies under one company with revenue to hit anywhere from $200M - $300M.  With the same EBITDA profit percentages, this pushes the potential of $MRMD far higher.  So, I wanted to break down this potential to show what is possible.

MariMed MRMD Stock Chart

After a long selloff, the stock settled down around $0.10.  Then, after February's push higher MRMD stock moved downwards to $0.60.  I had price targets of some $0.50, $0.40, and lower.  The general cannabis market had been selling off more and more.  But, MRMD Stock has pivoted to the upside.  Here is a broader look at the market:

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