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MariMed MRMD Stock One of the best pot stocks to buy now

D. H. Taylor
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MariMed MRMD Stock printed its Q3 financial numbers to very little fanfare; MRMD stock initially sold off.  But, on a comparative basis, when you look at the valuation model for the broader stock market, there is a tremendous amount of value packed into MRMD stock.  And, while currently cannabis stocks are being pressured by short sellers, for some of these stocks, this may not be the wisest strategies.  The value packed into some of these stocks is enough that with any positive news release for cannabis stocks, these stocks could go nuclear.

Nonetheless, I do not dwell on stock prices, per se.  But, these are undervalued marijuana stocks and, MRMD stock is very undervalued when you look at MariMed’s current and future profitability.  Current prices have MRMD stock  increasing over 200% at the current valuation.

Until the bigger name cannabis stocks start printing new all-time highs, the stocks that many retail investors rushed in to buy upon cannabis legalization, these retail investors are loath to add in new positions.  Because of that, there is no perpetuation of upward movement; short sellers step in.

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Dividends. Great idea. I think that would force short sellers out of the good undervalued companies.


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