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MariMed MRMD Stock Targeting Large Upside move with continued growth

D. H. Taylor
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MariMed MRMD Stock is poised to continuously increase in value.  MariMed has the #1 selling edible product - Betty's Eddies - in several states and they are expanding in even more states.  MariMed's Q2 numbers were extraordinary; yet, they are not necessarily the best performing.  They are in Illinois and one of the things that MariMed is working towards is going fully vertical.  Their current strategy of licensing their products prior to entering a new state and then building into that state is solidly increasing their revenues - thanks in part to their excellent product line.  Going fully vertical will enable MariMed to take complete control of its direction.

I am very bullish on MariMed; MRMD is one of my Top Picks - One of the Best Marijuana Stocks to buy now.  If they continue to move into new markets and expand in their existing markets then, this is a company that will continue to grow and move higher.  For now, the stock appears to be immune to the selling we have seen in pot stocks.


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