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MRMD wins Four Awards on 2021 LeafLink List

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  • Fastest-Selling Concentrates: Nature’s Heritage Colorado Chem, produced from MariMed’s high-quality craft cannabis flowers
  • Best Medical Products: Bedtime Betty’s, a SKU within MariMed’s top-selling Betty’s Eddie’s fruit chew line
  • Fastest-Growing Dispensary: Thrive, MariMed’s Illinois dispensary brand with four retail locations
  • Top Dispensary in Illinois: Thrive


Looks like Thrive is set up across Southern IL in close proximity to KY and MO. MO is medical legal and KY is hemp legal. I wonder if these dispensaries are focused on cross border selling as main revenue? For instance, the Cresco in Danville, IL aint for Danville, IL it's for sure there for the residents of Central Indiana. It's hour half drive from Indianapolis. and I-74 is extremely accessible. The store operates out of an old breakfast restaurant and sometimes the line wraps around the building. I often think what will happen to some of these dispensaries that focus on the cross-border model?

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@b17jayhawker … and, MRMD sells.  Unbelievable.  

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