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MedMen MMNFF Stock - is it time to buy?

D. H. Taylor
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MedMen MMNFF Stock is a stock that I have wondered if they would make it.  I got an email from a follower/subscriber asking what he should do with this particular holding.  Truth is, I had not looked at MedMen in some time so, was curious as to what was going on.  If you simply look at their assets/over liabilities, one would say it is time to tap out.  But, MedMen still has sufficient access to capital, that lifeline a desperate company would need.  MedMen has recently done two capital raises; one for $10M and then another for $100M.  This is substantial for MedMen simply because this will give them the necessary capital to move forward.

Another development for MedMen was Tilray's recent acquisition of the senior secured debt.  When that first came across my screen I sort of wondered if there was a pending bankruptcy about to happen.  The thing is, senior secured debt is debt against assets the company has.  And, it is secured by these assets while simultaneously, the debt is senior in the sense that it comes first in a bankruptcy.  I actually thought Tilray TLRY stock was going to force MedMen into bankruptcy in order to acquire the company out of bankruptcy on a dime.  But, the recent capital raise makes it so that this would not be possible.

So, if you are a "bag holder" of MedMen MMNFF stock, what does one do?

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