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Namaste Technologies With Momentum Whether NXTTF Stock is a Buy

D. H. Taylor
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Namaste Technologies NXTTF Stock just printed its latest quarterly earnings and I wanted to jump into the stock to see where this puts this cannabis company.  There were positive inroads for Namaste as it moved away from its legacy issues.  There are still a few steps that need to be taken until the company gets to where it is ultimately going; profitability. This is a fairly popular stock that garners a lot of followers.  I wanted to make a fair assessment of the company given the metrics and what could happen here.  But, this analysis is going to be slightly different as I reverse-engineer the financials.

Namaste Technologies NXTTF Stock

Current management is exercising diligence and prudence as they continue with their plan.  There will be some additional bumps in the road.  And, I think that NXTTF will drop from this level.  But, I also think that if the plan is executed and the product mix is capable of garnering a strong customer base, there will be an opportunity here.  It is going to take time, however.

The real story, however, is the deal with High Tide through CannMart.  Namaste has a 49% stake in CannMart, an online platform where Namaste is pursuing an Amazonesque style of direct-to-consumer approach.  High Tide just obliterated revenue projections in its most recent financial release.  Can Namaste replicate this same success on the same platform?  This may be an upside potential opportunity.  While 100% of High Tide's revenues were not from CannMart, an online-only platform has a lot of merits.

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Namaste own cannmart and cannmart labs fully... how did you miss this?