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Neptune NEPT Stock Longterm Increased Revenues and Earnings

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Neptune NEPT stock is a company that if you simply looked at the financial charts you would think missed the mark by a wide margin.  Not true. The recent drop in revenue is misleading if you do not look deeper.  Neptune is transitioning from a company that dealt with extraction to more of a branded portfolio company.  Neptune is leaving the dirty work of extracting THC & CBD to other companies and instead is focusing on building up their distribution network and brand identity.  They are also acquiring key companies and bringing in top-shelf talent. They are a component of the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies but, are they one of the best marijuana stocks to buy?

That being said, the future of Neptune's financials, and most importantly its bottom line, looks very promising.  And, I can build a case that any further dipping in the stock price is a strong buy.


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