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They are getting acquired, decent deal, 3mil, shares shorted yesterday!

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The ankle biting short sellers, just won't give up.

I am already overweight in this stock, but if short sellers drive this down to 25 cents, I am going to pounce/buy more.  I own plnhf, but don't have much, and I was thinking about it, now I am getting it at a pretty good discount.

Historical Short Volume Data for NXGWF
Date Close High Low Volume Short Volume % of Vol Shorted
Dec 21 NA NA NA 3,037,172 1,585,112 52.19

Joseph Minder
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I thought this stock should be worth at least 50 cents and I started buying at 50 cents.  I believe the buyout was for 36 cents per share so this leaves me a little disappointed. Net earnings profitability is important to me and it looked like NGW would pull off a profit margin of 30%  I'll have to look more into Planet 13 but I don't think they're net earnings profitable. I hope they perform really well!

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@josephmindergmail-com I did a video on these guys and the acquisition.  One of the things I pointed out was the acquisition price and the big sell-off after the board member dumped his stock.  If that did not happen, and the stock price was at $0.50, what would have the acquisition price actually been?  Something to ponder.

In the meantime, two things: A big-potential company with discounted stock price is acquiring a smaller company with big potential and a discounted stock price.  I think it sort of washes out.  If the stock price on NXGWF was higher, you might have gotten less PLNHF shares.  

In the end, you are now married to a much bigger player that together, this is a huge deal.  If Planet 13 were to pick up a couple other players, such as VEXT Sciences in AZ? They could continue to build a very large and outstanding company.  Longterm, the $0.13 you did not get will be dwarfed by what you are looking at in the future.



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