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Orchid Ventures ORVRF Stock Forecast & Analysis

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Orchid Ventures ORVRF stock is a California-based cannabis company that serves many locations and is also in Oregon.  I wanted to break down the company Orchid Ventures focuses on vapes and get ready to start the process of an ORVRF stock forecast and whether ORVRF stock is a good investment for cannabis stocks.  However, if you look at revenues and can recall issues with vape companies from 2019, there was a fall in revenue as the company revamped its products.  Since then, revenues have stalled making this stock difficult to predict for ORVRF stock forecast.  Despite being in the biggest market in the country, Orchid Ventures has not been able to pick up on its earlier momentum and has not been able to achieve profitability.

Still gross margins are solid for Orchid Ventures.  But, operating costs, while being consistent, are very high relative to revenue at this point.  The big thing to keep in mind regarding what comes next is an economic term called marginal profits.  Once the cores costs are covered by production, then when one additional unit of production moves through the system, the earned margins are higher relative to the first units of production.  This is when profits start to accelerate.  Now that Orchid Ventures has achieved such a respectable gross margin, should revenue scale up then Orchid Ventures may quickly become a profitable company.  


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