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[Sticky] Organigram OGI Stock Forecast & Analysis

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D. H. Taylor
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Organigram OGI stock released Q1 2022 financial earnings and I wanted to look at what is going on with the data and start to do the OGI Stock Forecast.  There were two big stand-outs for Q3; record revenue and moving EBTIDA profitability target to Q3 versus Q4.  This means revenues will be accelerating, margins will be improving, and profits are advancing.  All good.  The importance of this is that OrganiGram, OGI Stock, is NASDAQ-traded and widely held.  OGI stock, like many other cannabis stocks, are starting to really accelerate in their moves upwards; here's to hoping this is a solid trend.  If OGI stock continues higher, this will draw in the necessary attention to create the buzz to attract more investors into the industry.  That, in turn, will provide a feedback loop of even more investors playing catch-up and pushing the market even higher.  Again: All good!

Keep in mind, achieving EBTIDA profitability is a major step for a newer company.  This means the core costs are being covered.  From there, if a company continues to scale up, marginal profits, those profits after the initial units moving through production & distribution, have larger margins.  The big costs will have been paid for already.  Next, the additional units will add outsized profits to the company's bottom line.  In the case of such a higher-visibility stock such as OrganiGram Holdings, OGI stock, this is a significant move for the entire industry.

As it is, there are other factors that may be moving the markets, that being Cannabis Federal Legalization and the discovery that Cannabis Prevents & Cures COVID.  With continued profit increases from the highest-profile cannabis companies as well as significant positive developments elsewhere, it is no wonder we are seeing such an about-face turn-around with undervalued marijuana stocks.


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