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OrganiGram OGI Stock Will See Its Day And Move Up

D. H. Taylor
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OrganiGram Holdings OGI Stock will eventually start a long journey higher.  Given the positioning of this cannabis company's latest moves, revenues will begin growing.  And, if you factor in the BAT investment, there would be continuous support.  In the meantime, OrganiGram has had some challenges with rolling out a few of the key elements to their offerings.  This was acknowledged by management.  Still, I think OrganiGram OGI stock has a lot of upside potential for a long-term investor.  But, I also wonder if OrganiGram will be totally acquired by BAT?

Metrics for OrganiGram Holdings OGI stock are still uncertain.  But, this is more of a function of the fact that this is one of the cannabis companies that is still rolling out its offerings.  At the same time, legalization for Canadian cannabis happened in October 2018.  To me, this is taking some time.

But, right now OrganiGram is starting to roll out more and more offerings and getting its positioning lined up for revenue growth and expansion.

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