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[Sticky] Planet 13 Holdings PLNHF Stock Forecast & Analysis

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Planet 13 Holdings PLNHF stock is one of my top picks.  There are a few reasons why I like Planet 13 Holdings to include the individual potential of Planet 13 Holdings, and its potential to be acquired.  We are in the very early season of cannabis stocks investments.  And, I expect there will be many changes ahead with individual cannabis stocks being acquired and merging.  For instance, Planet 13 Holdings is in the process of acquiring Next Green Wave NXGWF stock.  However, this analysis, the PLNHF stock forecast, is based upon Planet 13 Holdings alone with regard to the PLNHF stock forecast.

Given the recent acquisition, PLNHF stock is an excellent cannabis stock, another from the list of the best cannabis stocks - my top picks.  Considering this, I wanted to put together the PLNHF stock forecast as well as answer the question: Is Planet 13 Holdings PLNHF stock a good investment.  PLNHF stock, is after all, one of my top picks.

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The link below explains some of what D.H. has been talking about in CA elimination of the cultivation tax.  I think its a good article. I think it leaves out some obvious companies that might benefit from it, but, like Yourway (JMHO), but it also mentions some way under the radar stocks to consider, so I take my hat off to the author!!!


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