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Planet 13 to Acquire Next Green Wave

D. H. Taylor
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which of the two would be better to aquire more of?

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Larry Moulton
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Hey D.H. I guess planet 13 needs to supply there new superstore in L.A. Can next green wave supply enough,or is planet 13 on a buying spree in California to feed the new superstore.

D. H. Taylor
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@gtosali1967 So, the deal has NXGWF valued at $70M.  There are 186M shares outstanding, which puts the stock at $0.35 per share.  NXGWF is now trading at $0.29.  So, with an efficiently priced market, the stock would be far, far closer to the $0.35 valuation price.  But, this is also contingent upon the value of PNLHF stock.  They picked a stock price for PLNHF and pegged NXGWF at that moment based upon the $70M valuation and PLNHF's stock price (I think you get about .10 shares of PLNHF for every NXGWF.  Should you buy NXGWF to take advantage of the price discrepancy, you are also anticipating an increase in price of PLNHF.  Everything goes hand in hand.  Still, you could lock in some money there if PLNHF stayed the same or, went higher.  It is up so far today, so NXGWF is undervalued accordingly.  

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I'm glad Sundial didn't buy them.


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