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I stumbled onto this company while researching Bhang partnership with Trulieve

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When I was researching Bhang and their deal with Trulieve, I saw that a company called plant based investment is the largest share holder of Bhang, and bhang owns shares of plant base investment corporation.
That got my attention.
I think Plant based investment corp wants to do business around the world. So, if they are top share holder in bang and bang is a top 10 share holder of plant based investments, it gets me to thinking, hmm, maybe license bhangs products in other countries. Just speculating. I leave the value analysis to the professionals. I can barely balance my check book.
Here is what it says on their website. its not up and running yet.

Plant-Based Investment Corp.

(formerly, Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation)

Plant-Based Investment Corp.  ("PBIC") is an investment corporation that offers unique exposure to the global cannabis sector. PBIC's main objective is to provide shareholders with long-term total returns through its portfolio of securities, both public and private, operating in, or that derive a portion of their revenue or earnings from products, services and technologies related to the cannabis plant family, its various compounds and other combinatory ingredients and products.

Plant-Based Investment Corp.

240 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V1V6

(647) 660-0566 ext 101

Plant-Based Investment Corp 

OTC Pink - Current Information


Health Care : Pharmaceuticals | Small Cap Value | Based in Canada

Company profile

Plant-Based Investment Corp., formerly Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp, is a Canada-based investment company that is focused on cannabis sector. The Company’s investment objectives are to provide shareholders long-term total return through capital appreciation by investing in an actively managed portfolio of securities of public and private companies operating in or that derive a part of their revenue or earnings from products, services and technologies related to the cannabis plant family, including hemp plants and cannabinoids. It also includes cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN), along with other terpenes and flavonoids found in cannabis and other plants.

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