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Plus Products PLPRF Stock Bankruptcy, What to Watch For

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D. H. Taylor
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Plus Products PLPRF stock has filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada.  This was brought to my attention from one of my subscribers here, although I had seen headlines on this.  This follower, John, is invested in Plus Products PLPRF stock.  Plus Products PLPRF stock is on my list of things to do her on this site.  But, since one of you reached out to me and it is a potentially bad situation I figured I would put together a piece on this.  My hope is that you can put together some pieces to see what went wrong here, with Plus Products PLPRF stock, and potentially stay away from these stocks.

Mind you, there is no certainty that Plus Products are not going to reemerge from bankruptcy protection and not be in a better place.  So, for this shareholder, this is an anxious moment.  Oftentimes, these things do not turn out well.

The real reason Plus Products went into bankruptcy, from what I can tell, is that they have an upcoming bill due that they have no way of paying: Warrants are coming due at an exercise price of about $6.50 with a stock price of what was $0.30 per share.  By restructuring, they may be able to save themselves.  They have cash with what I can see being about $6.5M as of the latest financial data release.

But, what they do not have is consistently growing revenues, most recent record revenue increase notwithstanding, in an environment where that is the norm.  Nor has Plus Products PLPRF stock achieved EBTIDA profitability.

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The video appears to not be embedded on this page FYI.


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