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[Sticky] Radiant Technologies RDDTF Stock Forecast & Analysis

D. H. Taylor
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Radiant Technologies RDDTF stock is one of those cannabis companies that is going through a distinct process to build up a business and there appears to be some interesting developments going on.  First, there is a build-out of production that will enable Radiant Technologies to produce approximately 1M pre-rolls monthly.  That would put them at a production possibility of about 10M annual pre-rolls that may generate approximately $25M in revenue should Radiant Technologies earn $2.50 wholesale; about $5M quarterly.  But, that would mean 100% production which, that may take time to build up.

Also, Radiant Technologies just completed an acquisition of a company called: Tunaaaaroom Xtacts.  We should start seeing revenue from this show up in future revenue releases.  Recently, Tunaaaaroom printed some $1.5M in revenue for the last three months of 2021.

Given the recent changes to Radian Technologies business, restructuring, and cost cutting, I wanted to take a good look at Radiant Technologies financial statements.

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